Super Foods can take on many forms and many flavours and are great in Smoothies and Breakfast.

They don’t have to all be green and powdery! Coconut oil, Kombucha, Kefir, Kim Chi and Sauerkraut, have amazing health benefits and your taste buds will be Super happy. We stock so many super ingredients, you can turn any meal into a super meal in minutes. Come in and chat about different combinations, flavours and textures. We would love your day to start on the Super foot!

Ingredients to add are; Acai, Bee pollen, Cacao, Good Green stuff, Lucuma, LSA, Maca Powder, Macqui, Mesquite, Super Greens, Slippery Elm, Tumeric, Vital Greens.


We stock these products

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2Die4live Foods Activated Nuts and Grains
Amazon Power Acai
Amphore Coconut Kefir
Australian Primary Hemp Oil and Protein
Fire Tonic
Free Spirit Oils
Grants Chlorophyll

Green Nutritionals
Habshifa Black Seed Oil
Life Cykel Mushrooms
Locako Coffee Creamers
Nutribiotic Grapefruit Seed Extract
Scoby Packs
Watson & Sons Manuka Honey
Power Superfoods

Solutions for Health Oregano Oil
Superfeast Mushrooms
Synergy Natural
Teelixir Mushrooms
Vital Greens

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